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Features & Benefits

Take a look at the extensive range of features and benefits of the Pink Salary Exchange…

Employer Benefits

  • Improved employee motivation & engagement
  • Retention tool 

  • Reduced fleet costs

  • Lower NIC costs

  • Aids and improves grey fleet, compliance and safety

  • Controls CO2 impact

  • Simple online process

  • Flexible contract lengths from 6 – 48 months

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Employee Benefits

  • Cost Effective

  • Lower emissions

  • Access to a huge range of new EV & hybrid vehicles

  • Maintenance, insurance and road tax included – just add fuel

Key Features

Save Money

The gross amount sacrificed reduces employer and employee NIC liability, as well as employee income tax liability.

Huge Range of EV & Hybrid Cars

Choose from the latest brand new or used vehicles.

Full Digital Set Up & Support

The fully managed process is all done digitally, ensuring speed & efficiency.

Comprehensive Benefits to Employers & Employees

Reduce your CO2 emissions, flexible contract lengths from 6-48 months plus seamless integration into your business.

The Customer Online Management Portal

Each Pink Salary Exchange customer will receive their own branded microsite. This exclusive platform will give you, the employer, the ability to:

  • Allow invitations to be sent to employees

  • Hold all required scheme documents & templates

  • Provide access to all data related to the scheme

  • Give access to quotation & ordering tools

  • Provide updates on orders and live vehicles

  • Simplify the management of the scheme and communication

There is also a separate employee website that explains how the salary sacrifice car scheme works, giving them access to documents and the quote and ordering tool.

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All Features & Benefits

  • Simple to set up via an online portal
  • Access to the best leasing rates in the UK - guaranteed
  • Online quoting and order tool
  • Minimal internal resource &
  • Get up and running in 8 hours
  • Choose contract terms from 6 to 48 months
  • Low risk – free to set up
  • Be part of a community so employees can take their car with them if they move on
  • HMRC compliant document template suite
  • Choose from new and used cars
  • Access to professional tax advice

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