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About Us

Pink Salary Exchange is the next generation salary sacrifice car scheme set to revolutionise car leasing and lead employees and employers along the road to ‘net zero’. This is a salary sacrifice set-up by Pink Car Leasing, the UK’s car leasing experts, who have used their years of extensive and specialist knowledge to design a ground-breaking product with a wide range of benefits.

Our industry experience

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, our team have been able to build relationships, share expertise and understand customers’ needs. This has enabled us to speak with our long-established partners in manufacturing, insurance, taxation and finance to fine tune a product that suits employees and employers.

The result is Pink Salary Exchange; an accessible, easy-to-use and HMRC-approved product which allows almost every employee working in the UK today to drive the electric vehicle (EV) of their dreams in a flexible and affordable way. Our ground-breaking salary sacrifice car scheme is a tried and tested product, adapted from our experience in the industry and the unique partnerships we have built within it, and with the aim of helping businesses reduce their impact on climate change.

A salary sacrifice car scheme that benefits employees and employers

Using a select panel of funders we are able to guarantee the best rates from the top motor manufacturers, meaning employees can drive the vehicle they want, in a practical and affordable way. And because our salary sacrifice car scheme works by taking a portion of the employee’s gross salary rather than nett, the real cost to the employee is reduced and the business also benefits from lower national insurance contributions and better employee loyalty and retention.

At Pink Salary Exchange our aim is to help organisations along the road to net zero, so we have designed one of the only salary sacrifice car schemes which enables access to used electric vehicles as well as new ones. This makes the switch to EVs even easier and more affordable for employees and offers an even wider choice of available vehicles.

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We can have a business set-up to join our salary sacrifice car scheme in less than 24 hours. Our online journey and employee roll-out process is swift and simple, and our team of experts are always at hand to assist.

Get in touch today and make sure you join the net zero revolution, with the ground-breaking salary sacrifice care scheme from Pink Salary Exchange.

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